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Mode of Payments to Shizen Treks

The most convenient way for us to receive the money is through Telex Transfer (TT). It is also called  Wire Transfer in some countries.It is a secure bank to bank transfer of money.

Payments should be made to:


Beneficiary Account Name:

Shizen Treks Pvt. Ltd.

USD Account No:


Bank Name:

Bank of Kathmandu Ltd .

Bank Address:

 Kathmandu , Nepal



Beneficiary Account name: Shizen Treks Pvt Ltd.
USD Account No: 0204217500089
Bank Name: Nabil Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

We prefer you to send us US dollars, though you may send any other currencies.If you send currencies other than US dollar, you may loose money in cross exchange rates. Please note that the amount charged to you by your bank for transferring the sum to us  should be born(e)  by yourself.

Once you are ready for payment, we will suggest you the bank near to your location which can best send the sum to us.

Payment by Credit cards
Visa and Master cards  are widely accepted in Nepal. So they are our preferred credit cards . American express, JCB and other major credit cards are also accepted but at times they are less convenient.Note that you are  supposed to pay the  bank charges (3.5% in Nepal) while making payments by credit cards.

Cash and Travellers Cheques
While in Nepal, you can also pay us with cash as well as Travellers cheques. As for cash we can accept US dollar , UK Pounds, Japanese Yen, Euro and few other currencies that are accepted by our central bank.

Other modes of Payment
At cases we accept Bank Drafts  and Crossed Cheques. But they are accepted on special cases only.

WeAccept Download Credit Card Payment Authorization Form
Click here for .PDF file
Click here for .DOC file.
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