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Non Touristy Trekking in Nepal

Besides the popular treks in the Everest , Annapurna and Langtang regions, we offer a number of treks   in the non touristy trails. These off the beaten track treks  can be subdivided  in a few  categories  depending on  their remoteness, trekking difficulty, duration of the treks and whether they are newly opened routes or are in use since many years.

What makes a trek non touristy ?

Firstly trekking trails which do not have lodge facilities along the route have remained non touristy as operating treks there is not easy and  costly. Other trails  are non touristy because they are remote , the access there ( flight or drive ) is not easy. Some trekking routes receive very few visitors because they are very challenging and only experienced hikers attempt them.

Not all the off the beaten trail treks are remote or difficult. Some of them are simply off the popular trekking routes but still hardly anybody visits there , these are culturally rich, scenic and pass through beautiful countryside.

Hiking Off the Beaten Track in Nepal

Non Touristy Trekking in Nepal

Easy or  moderately difficult & not remote treks

  • Pikey Peak trekking
  • Sikles trekking
  • Ganesh Himal trek
  • Ghalegaun trek
  • Panchase trek
  • Kalinchok trek
  • Lamjung Himal trek
  • Mardi Himal trek
  • Rara lake trek
  • Milke Danda trek

Challenging, strenuous and very rewarding treks

Some of these treks are strenuous while others are fairly strenuous and only an experienced hikers should attempt .

Newly opened routes

We also operate treks on these  newly opened routes . 

  • Nar Phu Valley trekking
  • Numbur Cheese Circuit
  • TAAN model trek
  • Tsum valley trekking

If you want our help to choose a non touristy trek that suits your interests,  write us with your experience, your age and fitness level and your interest or  the experience you are looking for out this trek. We would be happy to suggest a  suitable itinerary and get back to you with a detailed information and price quotation.

Some of these treks are known for exotic cultures, some are known for birdlife/wildlife and the others  are easy hikes in a scenic trail. Similarly,  some are popular for wildflowers and others are famous for remoteness, wilderness  and the technical climbs . Whichever trek you choose, there is one thing in common, all of them offer great views of the Himalayas.

Kindly note that any trek on  the non touristy regions  is always more expensive than the regular lodge to lodge treks/ tea house treks . This is because we have to carry all the tents, foods, equipments  and kitchen accessories by people all the way from the nearest road head.

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